Orange Unified School District

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  • Scope of work: Fire Alarm Systems, Intrusion Detection, Structured Cabling, CCTV & Surveillance System, Television Systems, PA Rack / Clock, Extron Pole Vault PVS Kits & Battery Operated Clocks
  • Client: Lampson Elementary School, Orange Unified School District
  • Contractor: PW Construction

Beware of cabling contractors using noncompliant cables

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The Communications Cable and Connectivity Association (“CCCA”) has found that certain imported communications cable does not comply with National Electrical Code (“NEC”) standards. Contractors that install this non-compliant cable, whether known to the contractor or not, may be exposed to liability for violating applicable building codes and in civil lawsuits for damages caused by the installation of non-compliant cable. Background about this issue and an overview of potential liability are provided herein.

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The Direct Attach Controversy

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The hot “discussion” amongst the RCDD’s LinkedIn site through BICSI’s RCDD Group is whether or not there is a standard that is EIA/TIA compliant that allows a UTP Category cable terminated directly into an IP port on a camera. The answer is “yes” and “no.” The “direct attach” configuration is a modular plug-ended horizontal cable at the device end which is not recognized in TIA-568 standardized data and voice applications, but has been accepted by the building automation standard, TIA-862 and the proposed ANSI/BICSI-005 ESS draft documents.

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In-Building Wireless Coverage and the Case for Pre-Wiring with CommScope’s Wired for Wireless Solution

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A white paper from CommScope describes the benefits of properly cabling a building or facility for the support of future wireless technologies. The paper is entitled “In-Building Wireless Coverage and the Case for Pre-Wiring with CommScope’s Wired for Wireless Solution.” CommScope has trademarked the term “Wired for Wireless,” as it is the name of a product line from the company. read more…


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Telenet VoIP, Inc has started a new project with LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) South Region Elementary School #9 (SRES#9). In this school we have the following scope of work:

  • Clock System
  • Emergency Power System for Public Address
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Gymnasium Autonomous Sound System
  • Intrusion System
  • Premise Wiring
  • Proximity Card Access Control System
  • Public Address and Intercommunication Systems
  • Television System


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Telenet VoIP, Inc has started an new project for LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) Central Region Elementary School #22.

Project scope includes:

  • Clock System
  • Emergency Power System for Public Address
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Intrusion System
  • Multipurpose Autonomous Sound System
  • Premise Wiring
  • Proximity Card Access Control System
  • Public Address and Intercommunication Systems
  • Television System

Los Angeles Unified School District 22

East Los Angeles College

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Telenet VoIP, Inc provided and installed distribution frames, category 6A data cabling, strands of air-blown fiber and underground cabling for the East Los Angeles College.

In total Telenet VoIP installed:

  • 14 Distribution Frames
  • 928 Category 6A Data Cabling
  • 276 Strands of Air-Blown Fiber
  • 8200’ 50-Pair Underground Cabling

Nora Lighting

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I would like to take this opportunity and thank you very much for all the help and support your co. gave to us.  As a business owner I am sure you know that you are blessed with good coworkers and dedicated people like Ferro and Michael and the rest of the Technicians that helped us to go back to the old system. Again thank you very much for all you did for us.

Best regards,

Fred Farzan

O.C. Water District

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We are very pleased to have had the opportunity of working with Telenet VoIP, Inc. and their Project Team on the new laboratory project for The Orange County Water District.

Telenet VoIP, Inc. performed an outstanding job on all the low voltage work for the project.  The workmanship for all the system installations are of high quality, all project deadlines were met on time and all scopes remained within budget. These key factors were imperative for the District and we are confident about utilizing Telenet on future projects.

I was very impressed by the rapid response and resolution by Telenet’s Project Team in handling every project concern with efficiency. They were diligent, professional and extremely knowledgeable on all matters.

OCWD would highly recommend Telenet VoIP, Inc. to any agency or organization (public or private) that is planning a new project.   If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (714) 378-3229.


Charles Steinbergs, P.E.
Project Manager
Orange County Water District

Ramon C. Cortines of Visual and Performing Arts

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Telenet VoIP, Inc has completed all 10 scopes of low voltage systems at Ramon C. Cortines of Visual and Performing Arts

These scopes include, Audio/Visual for the theater, Audio Surveillance, Autonomous PA for Dance Rooms and the Gymnasium, Cable Television Broadcast, Classroom Sound Enhancement, Intrusion System, Fire Alarm, Public Address System, Structured Cabling, Synchronized Clock, and the Video Surveillance system. After 2 ½ years of hard work and dedication by all staff this project is completing on schedule. This marvel of construction is by far one of the largest and most challenging projects Telenet VoIP, Inc has worked on to date.

Ramon C. Cortines of Visual and Performing Arts, LAUSD’s new flagship high school project with emphasis in the Visual and Performing Arts, is in direct vicinity of the downtown Los Angeles cultural corridor with Disney Concert Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The school campus will include four academies for education in music, dance, theater arts and visual arts, and a theater for 1,000 visitors which can be open to the public.

By breaking up the student body of 1,600 students into four so-called “Academies” each specializing in one of the arts courses offered next to the general education – visual arts, dance, music and theater arts – a closer and more personal environment between teachers and students is created.

Each academy occupies a distinct building which houses the art studios next to general classrooms, administration spaces and teachers workrooms. Within the school places of identification are created which will help students to find their own, personal identity, while simultaneously offering the possibility of communication with the other fields through shared spaces such as science labs, social space, play space and performance space.

Add to this an outdoor pool, a basket ball court and a football field.

The library is deliberately placed in the center of the school courtyard and rises as a truncated, asymmetrical cone with an oculus towards the sky. Through its central location and dynamic but centralized form this “Space of Knowledge” collects and enhances the energies which revolve in and around it and reminds us that the focus of the efforts of education is to enrich the knowledge of our present and future society in search for new solutions.

The café across from the library receives daylight from giant skylight sculptures.

  • Site area: 9.8 acres/39.578 square meters
  • Floor area: 230,000 square feet/21.204 square meters
  • Scheduled opening: Fall 2008
  • Client: LAUSD, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • User: LAUSD District 4
  • Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au, Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky + Wolfdieter Dreibholz
  • Project partner: Karolin Schmidbaur
  • Project architect: Ing-Tse Chen
  • Design architect: Karolin Schmidbaur, Dionicio Valdez
  • Project architect CA: Andrea Schöning
  • Project Team: Joshua Ashcroft, Jorge Avila, Jesper Bork, Benedikt Frass, Sergio Gonzalez, Bo Stjerne Hansen, Christoph A. Kumpusch, Neiel Norheim, Luis Palomares, Patricia Schneider, Craig Unterseher, Norio Watanabe
  • Executive architect: HMC Architects
  • General contractor: PCL Construction Services, Inc.
  • Structural engineering: Taylor and Gaines
  • HVAC: ACEA, Inc.
  • Electrical: Roshanian and Associates
  • Electrical Contractor: Howe Electric
  • Electrical Low Voltage: Telenet VoIP, Inc.
  • Acoustic: Martin Newson & Associates LLC.
  • Theater: JK Design Group
  • Food service: Mace Murphy Design Group
  • Pool: Rowley International, Inc.
  • Civil: A. C. Martin Partners
  • Landscape: Melendrez Design Partners, Los Angeles
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