Introducing FAAST XT Aspirating Smoke Detector from Gamewell-FCI

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FAAST_XT.54b4412569d6fGamewell-FCI by Honeywell today introduces a new addition to its FAAST series of aspirating smoke detectors from System Sensor – FAAST XT. In addition to the very early warning of smoke and enhanced immunity to false alarms all detectors within this series offers, one FAAST XT unit can protect nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of space with each of its four air sampling pipes running out as far as 400 ft. in length. This breadth of coverage mixed with such immediate and high precision smoke detection is being viewed as a big problem-solver for an assortment of common fire protection challenges.

“We had an old building retrofit we were about start. Then they redesigned all the under floor air race ways,” said Jim Brady of Electronic Security Corp., a Gamewell-FCI Distributor in the greater Philadelphia area. “Now we needed more pipe for smoke detection. It was way more cost effective to go with three XT units, rather than multiples of other detectors.” read more…

Gamewell FCI Introduces New Detector

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Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell (NYSE: HON)  introduces the multi-criteria fire and CO (carbon monoxide) detector, which incorporates four sensing elements in one cost-effective unit to quickly detect smoke, CO, flame and heat, verifying a true emergency and deterring false alarms. The new 4-Warn/CO detector’s advanced addressable sensing technology meets new CO detection legislation adopted by nearly all 50 states. When used with Gamewell-FCI’s B200S sounder base , the 4-Warn/CO detector can reduce required detection upgrade costs by as much as 54%.
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Gamewell-FCI Releases High Tech Fire Alarm and Emergency Communications Monitoring Control Tools

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Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces an expanded line of cutting-edge technologies, designed to simplify the complexities of monitoring and controlling one or more fire alarm and emergency communications systems (ECS) and speed emergency response.

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Telenet VoIP Receives President’s Award

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Gamewell-fciFor the third consecutive year, Los Angeles-based Telenet VoIP, Inc. receives the President’s Award for Outstanding Sales Performance from Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell, a fire alarm system manufacturer based in Northford, Connecticut.

The President’s Award is given to Gamewell-FCI Engineered Systems distributors who stand out in their market, take the initiative to build understanding of best practices for fire protection within their community, and work closely with local engineers to present an effective fire protection solution.

“We are very excited to be presented with this award for the third consecutive year as it proves our commitment to quality, safety, and fire alarm solutions to businesses in our community,” said Nick Payab, Telenet VOIP’s Vice President and Senior Operations Manager. “Our goal has always been to be the leading provider of voice, data, and security products to businesses and government agencies in Southern California.”

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