Analog Telephones

When you need additional analog support devices for your system, Mitel offers a diverse line of high-quality single line phones including those required by specific industries and businesses. Additionally, our line of accessories includes phone labels and plastic covers.

Ameriphone® offers an extensive product line of industry standard analog telephones and related devices for the deaf, hearing impaired, blind, and people with mobility loss. Some of their most popular products include text telephones (TTY) and notification systems for the hearing and visually impaired.

CEECO® products include analog telephones designed to withstand vandalism, abuse and weather. Mitel offers a wide variety of models constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with chrome accessories, Lexan-armored cord handsets and tamper-proof security screws.

Clarity® offers innovative communications equipment for people with unique needs including ADA compliant text telephones, voice carry over phone and notification systems, amplified telephones, phone amplifiers, photo-dial phones, remote-controlled speakerphones, assistive accessories, and more—products designed for the hearing and visually impaired and those with mobility loss.

DESI® Telephone Labels makes blank DESI labels that fit all major brands of office telephones. Their DESI Labeling software prints onto these labels and saves the information in a database for future reprints.

Inter-Tel single-line telephones are available with various options including speakerphone, speed dial, message waiting indicator and hold.

Multi Link offers telephone line-sharing and remote AC power control devices. Their automatic call processor solution screens and routes all voice, fax and modem calls to the right equipment every time, eliminating the need for costly dedicated lines. Their phone call activated AC power controller product is highly effective at reducing costly on-site service calls by providing remote access to verify AC power or restart equipment.

Scitec, Inc. is an award winning ISO-9001-certified manufacturer of analog telephones for hospitality, health care, business and consumer applications. Products available through Inter-Tel include a full line of Mitel -compatible analog feature phones, headset-ready phones, line-powered Caller ID phones, emergency sets, single-use infection-control phones and industry standard 2500 sets.

Talk-A-Phone® provides emergency, information or access phones with clear, quality communications including ADA compliant hands-free emergency phones designed for indoor or outdoor use, and emergency/information stations and phones.

“Telenet VoIP Inc. has provided professional services for Phone Systems, Central Station Monitoring, Security Systems, Structured Cabling and more for our locations.

Telenet completed all projects in a timely manner by meeting deadlines, and performed exceptionally well under last minute notices. Their extensive technical expertise and knowledge of alarm systems and central station monitoring has been a true asset to our organization.

I highly recommend Telenet VoIP, Inc. for any alarm engineering/installation services you might need.”

Barbara J. Pearson
District Director
Altadena Library District

"I would like to express my appreciation to Telenet VoIP on our recent project. With respect to all of our needs, your team conveyed a commitment to customer satisfaction, truly making a difference in the successful completion of our project.

Telenet VoIP's breadth of experience and professionalism were major factors in keeping our project on time. I look forward to working with your firm in the future"

Joe Nguyen
Project Manager
Mobile Modular Management Corp

"We are very pleased to have had the opportunity of working with Telenet VoIP, Inc. and their Project Team on a recent project for The Orange County Water District.Telenet VoIP, Inc. performed an outstanding job on all the low voltage work for the project.

The workmanship for all the system installations are of high quality, all project deadlines were met on time and all scopes remained within budget. These key factors were imperative for the District and we are confident about utilizing Telenet on future projects.

I was very impressed by the rapid response and resolution by Telenet's Project Team in handling every project concern with efficiency. They were diligent, professional and extremely knowledgeable on all matters.OCWD would highly recommend Telenet VoIP, Inc. to any agency or organization (public or private) that is planning a new project."

Chuck Steinberg
Orange County Water District

"Thank you for your service in fixing our phone set up. Brandon did an excellent job, know what he is doing, professional, and explained everything very clearly so I could understand our phone set up. I also appreciated that he kept me informed on his arrival time and he got so much done in a timely manner. Thank you again and thank you for sending Brandon to help us."

Susan Gardner
Rasmussen, Willis, Dickey & Moore LLC