DMP security systems

The DMP system is comprehensive and feature-rich, allowing you to install one panel for applications such as intrusion, fire, access control, and other alarm protection needs.

In 2001, DMP forged the way to a new era for the security and fire alarm industry with the first UL certification for Internet Monitoring. As early as 1984, DMP began communicating alarm signals over networks and today continue to build on those technologies. Internet Monitoring is extremely fast, cost-effective, and more reliable than older, traditional methods. Any company with an existing LAN can cut costs immediately using DMP’s Internet Monitoring by eliminating leased line and long distance phone charges. Central Station owners can offer their customers added value by using Internet Monitoring by receiving virtually instantaneous reports from customers and eliminating the possibility of busy signals at the central station. Only DMP offers fully-supervised data transmission from the panel to the receiver. The Internet Monitoring communication method is patented under US patents 6,040,770 and 6,255,945.

DMP commercial system

The DMP commercial system is a complete solution to ensure that your company will still be here tomorrow and into the future. Our system lowers your company’s costs by offering plain english menus that decrease employee training time. Our Easy EntryTM keypads are designed to decrease costly false alarms by offering arming and disarming of the system by simply presenting a card to the keypad-no keystrokes are needed. The commercial system protects your company’s assets by deciding which employees have access to each area and when they have that access. Remote control of your company’s system is available via the ePAD Virtual Keypad, which gives you complete control of the system from any Internet-enabled PC or even PDA. One DMP panel is capable of controlling your fire, access, and intrusion needs, there is no need to install multiple panels for multiple applications. Only DMP offers one solution to cover all of your commercial needs.

DMP public sector solution

The DMP public sector solution offers an integrated system to keep track of every faculty member and student in your institution. The system offers powerful, easy to use keypads that offer a fast learning curve. Our Easy Entry keypads offer the ultimate in false alarm reduction with codeless arming and disarming. Wireless pendants offer the system’s users instant panics from anywhere in the building. Remote control of every aspect of the system can be done using a remote telephone or any Internet-enabled PC and even PDA’s. Faculty don’t need to worry about new keys for the security system, as simple door control is offered by using a proximity credential. The DMP solution can also take care of temperature controls and energy management. Only DMP’s school system offers one system for all your school’s concerns.

DMP banking solution

The DMP banking solution is a comprehensive system that will greatly reduce the chances of tragic losses. Bring your entire enterprise online, including any remote kiosks and ATMs, to make instant changes to each location and check location status at any time. DMP offers UL Grade AA network communication to instantly bring your security system online, at the same time saving thousands of dollars every month by eliminating leased line and long distance phone costs. The DMP system addresses every Financial Institutions concerns-Fire, Holdup, Ambush, Assault.

DMP comprehensive retail solution

The complete DMP comprehensive retail solution minds the store for you. The system can keep the owner informed of any situation through a pager or remote reporting to a PC. From any remote phone, Internet-enabled PC, or even PDA, you can control your entire system and check system status. Each individual store can have their security system brought online, eliminating phone charges and provided virtually instant status reports.

DMP residential solution

The DMP residential solution offers homeowners the peace of mind of knowing that everything is how they left it. Our keypads offer ease of use for the entire family to understand the system. The DMP residential system is exclusive in offering home, sleep, and away arming for complete protection of your family and property in any situation. Using the ePAD Virtual Keypad, you can control and check system status from any Internet-capable computer and even PDA. The keys on the DMP keypad turn red after an alarm, letting you know if the alarm has been tripped the second you walk in the door. Only DMP offers the combination of features that put you and your family in complete security.

DMP security systems offer integration and versatility to meet your specific needs. The XR Series Command Processor¿ panels are your all-in-one solution that can be used for intrusion, access control and fire applications. The best of class XR500 control panel offers over 500 zones and can easily handle installations that would take multiple panels when using another manufacturer’s panel. DMP panels also feature multiple False Alarm Reduction features, giving our systems integrity and saving our users money.

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