The Hirsch ScramblePad keypad/reader provides a very high security approach to access, because the ID code or PIN number cannot be accidentally shared with, or stolen by, onlookers. Each numeral is randomly scrambled to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, or identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.

Viewing restrictors on the innovative Hirsch ScramblePad allow only the person directly in front of the keypad to see the numbers, eliminating “shoulder-surfing” by people who watch your fingers enter the numbers in order to learn your security code. The ScramblePad delivers the additional benefits of remote operator control and tenant override functions.

Telenet VoIP Inc. also offers ScrambleProx, a ScramblePad with a built-in proximity reader enabling a variety of card-plus-code applications, and ScrambleSmart, a ScramblePad with an integrated, hidden contactless smart card reader, for smart card applications.

The Hirsch ScramblePad remains the industry’s best solution for high security door access.  Telenet VoIP Inc. provides this industry-leading solution with its innovative, open architecture to provide system interoperability in a wide range of applications. Even if you have an existing card reader system that needs to be replaced, ask us about how your existing access cards can be used with your new access control system from Telenet VoIP Inc.
Systems integration. Convergence. Automated systems. Intelligent buildings. Smart buildings. These are some of the many terms used in the media today.

Telenet VoIP Inc. can help you make sense of the industry’s changes by putting together a practical plan that allows you to exploit the extraordinary benefits of interoperability of the Hirsch solution using Velocity software. This will enable your physical access control system to communicate with other systems, such as human resources, accounting, IT network privileges, visitor management, parking, elevators, environmental controls, and much more.

Secure Your Lobby

Visitor management is an important part of your building security plan. Telenet VoIP Inc. offers the comprehensive, award-winning visitor management solution by Hirsch, with powerful system features available for added security and enhanced access control.

  • Pre-register visitors via web
  • Scan ID’s
  • Print badges
  • Control access
  • Track visitation
  • Single-site
  • Multi-site
  • Multi-tenant
  • Attended or unattended check-in


Increase Security & Reduce Liability:

  • Know who is in your building
  • Establish lobby as first line of defense
  • Improve accountability, audit ability
  • Protect confidentiality of visit-related data

Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency:

  • Streamline, speed visitor check-in process
  • Badge, register visitors in under 20 seconds
  • Utilize low-cost consumables
  • Improve visitor, receptionist, employee communication

Additional Benefits:

  • Legitimize visitor policies, apply them consistently
  • Enhance image with professional badges and process
  • Ensure visitors and employees feel safe

Additional Features

  • Manage the system. Remotely administer users, security levels and passwords at one or multiple sites; change program options; generate reports; and monitor visitor check-in and check-out in real time. Utilize several different levels of log-on security to expose only the appropriate features for each user.
  • Support multi-tenant buildings. Create a unique badge style and reports for each tenant. Send data to property management for tenant bill-back if appropriate. Use access control features to limit movement to/from specified tenant only.
  • Enable self-registration. For unattended lobbies, let visitors enter their information or scan their business card or ID. The system prints the badge and notifies host employee as to visitor’s arrival. Compatible with touch-screens.
  • Automatically notify the host employee. Use automated email or auto-dialer to notify the host employee of guest’s arrival and location.
  • Register groups. Pre-enroll entire groups of visitors attending an event or meeting. Print badges in advance or upon arrival.
  • Issue and track multi-day badges for contractors and visiting employees. Check the same badge in and out each day for a designated number of days.
  • Manage NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and other documents. Capture signatures and associate them with any document.
  • Manage packages. Track parcels delivered to your facility, through the lobby or mailroom. Automatically send named recipient email notification of parcel’s arrival. Record shipping method, tracking number, recipient name, and dates and times of first arrival and final delivery/pickup.
  • Generate emergency reports. Provide critical information (which visitors are inside, who they are visiting, what floor, etc.) for emergency personnel to review in case of fire, evacuation, etc..

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District Director
Altadena Library District

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Mobile Modular Management Corp

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Chuck Steinberg
Orange County Water District

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Susan Gardner
Rasmussen, Willis, Dickey & Moore LLC