S3 Series Control Panel

gamewell-s3-panelThe Gamewell-FCI, S3 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel provides the latest innovative high-end processing power. It offers a simple, intuitive solution for the small to mid-sized fire alarm applications. In standalone or network configurations, the S3 Series complies with most fire alarm application requirements. It supports either of the following types of networks.

  • Up to 64 nodes using the 7100 Series panel.
  • Up to 122 nodes using the S3 Series or E3 Series® panels.

Use either twisted-pair wire or fiber-optic to network panels at a high-speed 625K baud ARCNET network bus. With flexible Boolean logic, intelligent detection, and Ethernet connectivity, this system provides power and versatility that surpasses comparable, small addressable fire alarm systems. The basic S3 Series consists of an SLP (Smart Loop Panel) main board, LCD-SLP touchscreen display, SLC loop personality modules, and 7 amp power supply. The SLP provides either one or two SLC loops in Class A or B configuration that supports either of the following protocols:

  • Up to 318 devices per loop using the System Sensor® protocol. If you add a second loop module, it increases the maximum device count to 636 devices.
  • Up to 126 devices per loop using the Apollo protocol. If you add a second loop module, it increases the maximum device count to 252 devices.

Four Class B or two Class A NACs can be wired and synchronized using the System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock, or Gentex strobes. To retrofit the SLP on the existing audible/ visual appliances, the on-board Electronic EOL (EEOL) automatically adjusts to the EOL resistor in the field. A 4.3″ (10.92 cm) color touchscreen display screen shows the following:

• Events on the system
• Status of analog addressable devices
• Complete diagnostic fault codes/messages
• Five programmable function buttons with LED status for accessibility to the following functions:

  • Disable/Enable
  • Trouble Acknowledge
  • Bypass Output
  • Alarm Acknowledge
  • Lamp Test
  • Custom-defined


The S3 Series Fire Alarm and Life Safety System is an easy-to-use intelligent fire alarm solution designed for the small to mid-sized buildings. Analog technology delivers the benefits of a simple system installation, while a user-friendly interface makes panel operation and system maintenance quick and intuitive.

Smart Panel Programming

Using Boolean logic programming, the installer may customize the system to precisely suit the needs of the building owner. Auto-programming allows the installer to instantly locate all the devices on the SLC loop.

Simple, Intuitive Display

The front panel display provides a user-friendly interface for the operator’s control. A 4.3” (10.922 cm) color touchscreen displays system status, event details and service modes. On the front of the panel, six LEDs show the following conditions.

  • Fire
  • Silenced
  • Hazard (Gas or CO)
  • AC Power
  • Supervisory
  • Trouble

Five custom programmable switches allow the user quick access to common functions specific to the building like device disable, output bypass and device status.

Perfect for Retrofits

The S3 Series is well-suited for retrofit applications. The SLP provides a simple way to upgrade your fire protection system. It is designed to be an upgrade solution for the legacy FCI 7100 and Gamewell 602 Series panels. An added
feature is the SLP’s EEOL. Using EEOL, the installers can automatically identify the EOL for existing audible/visual appliances.

Flexibility for Future Growth

The S3 Series can be expanded to add a second SLC loop without replacing the entire system. Using the RPT-E3- UTP Network Repeater, you can network up to 64 nodes (122 nodes with the ANX node expander) using either twisted-pair or fiber-optic. The built-in Ethernet port allows the connection to the Gamewell-FCI’s FocalPoint


  • Listed per ANSI/UL® Standard 864 9th Edition.
  • IBC Seismic Certified.
  • Allows one SLC loop (expandable to two loops) that supports either System Sensor or Apollo devices in Class A or Class B (Style 4, 6 or 7).
  • System Sensor supports up to 318 intelligent devices and each SLC loop supports the following. – up to 159 detectors. – up to 159 modules (expandable to 636 maximum per panel).
  • Apollo supports up to 126 intelligent detectors and modules per SLC. (Expandable to 252 maximum per panel).
  • Includes a high resolution (4.3”) (10.92 cm) color touchscreen display.
  • Supports a network system of up to 122 nodes (includes E3 Series® panels) or up to 64 nodes (includes 7100 Series).
  • Provides 7.0 amp power supply (120VAC or 240VAC).
  • Includes four Class B or two Class A built-in Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). Provides selectable System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock, or Gentex strobe synchronization.
  • Supports up to 32 serial annunciators (LCD, LED-only, LED Switch).
  • Offers an Ethernet port for programming, a variety of system reports, and a FocalPoint® Graphic Workstation connectivity.
  • Provides two fully-programmable Form-C contacts for Fire, Trouble, and Supervisory.
  • TimeCap – Saves time and date up to 48 hours without any power or battery.
  • Automatically adjusts to any NAC End-of-Line Resistor (EOL) value (1k-55k ohm) for legacy audible/visual appliances.
  • Removable display can be used as a remote annunciator.
  • Suitable for pre-action deluge applications.

Select Agency Approvals

The S3 Series fire alarm panel has recently received the following agency approvals, making it acceptable for use in several key markets:

Factory Mutual

For nearly two centuries, Factory Mutual (FM) Global has been preventing property loss by managing exposure with improvements in safety. Through research and testing, FM Approval certifies industrial and commercial products in compliance with its own Standards, or other nationally recognized requirements. FM Approval Standards follow NFPA 72 guidance, and also focus on Central Station Service for Fire Alarms and Protective Equipment Supervision. The “FM Approved” mark offers third-party certification that products conform to the highest standards and reduce or eliminate property exposure, and thus, risk of loss.

Link to Listing: http://www.gamewell-fci.com/listings/S3-Series-FM_Listing-Local_Protective_Signaling.pdf

California State Fire Marshal

The Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) Building Materials Listing Program (BML) mandates that all fire alarm systems and fire alarm devices be approved and listed by the State Fire Marshal prior to sale or marketing within the state. Each product approval and listing is based upon an evaluation of test results that include an analysis of required product performance and reliability features. The SFM listing service provides building authorities, architectural and engineering communities, contractors, and the fire service with a reliable source of information, ensuring that “Listed” products used throughout California have met recognized fire-related performance standards.

CSFM Listing Number: 7165-1703:0176. Link to Listing: http://www.gamewell-fci.com/esd/listings/1703-0176.pdf

Fire Department of the City of New York

The Fire Code of NYC requires a Certificate of Approval (COA) for fire alarm system control panels installed in the City. (Formerly MEA) This requirement helps ensure that City firefighters are kept abreast of new technologies and are acquainted with the design and operation of the fire command centers that utilize those technologies. The Certificate of Approval is issued by the commissioner and certifies that product has been examined, tested and approved for use according to the requirements of NYC Fire Code, Construction Codes and/or rules of the NYC Fire Department.

NYC-Fire Department Certificate of Approval: #6162. Link to Listing: http://www.gamewell-fci.com/listings/S3-Series- FDNY_Listing.PDF

City of Chicago

The S3 Series has been accepted for use in the City of Chicago for Class I applications. The Municipal Code of Chicago, IL stipulates that Fire Alarm systems with automatic detectors must be installed in Schools, Hotels, Institutional buildings, Dormitories, Care facilities and other places of public assembly and occupancy. All equipment used in such installations must be tested and bear the Label of Approval of a nationally recognized laboratory (such as UL or FM), which is acceptable to the Division Marshal in charge of fire protection (Fire Commissioner) and the Bureau of Electrical Inspection. Prior to Approval, the City of Chicago also requires physical demonstration and Chicago-specific performance verification as part of its process.

Link to Listing: http://gamewell-fci.com/esd/listings/Chicago-S3_Fire_Alarm_Panel-2014.pdf

VMC Group / IBC Certification

The S3 Series has received Special Seismic Certification through VMC. In accordance with the International Building Code (IBC), the S3 Series has successfully met the testing, labeling and certification requirements for use in areas subject to seismic events. The VMC Group is a “Certified Seismic Qualification Agency” and provides IBC® Certification for Fortune 500 manufacturers of HVAC, power generation and fire protection systems.

Link to Listing: http://www.ibcapproval.com

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