Mitel relaunches Mitel TV

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Mitel has relaunched its Mitel TV website with an enhanced viewing experience plus new features and functionality including a mobile device compatible interface and new videos.

Duncan Miller, EMEA marketing communications manager, Mitel, noted: “Over the past 12 months the site has assisted channels in the sales cycle by simplifying the process of understanding, and presenting, Mitel solutions. “More than ever customers are referring to online video to educate themselves and it is critical to deliver the content in an appropriate way. Mitel TV does just that.”

Enhancements include improved viewing quality with a higher video bit-rate for full screen playback. Users now have the freedom to play videos on mobile devices. The new streamlined search engine also makes it easier to search for content in one or two clicks. Mitel TV also has keyword search engine optimization so any video that is watched will display other qualified related videos.

“Mitel TV has reduced the time that we previously spent searching for brochures or presentations to convey information. Now, we have the option of using the videos to convey information and benefits to customers instantly which bring the solutions to life,” said Brian Selby, managing director, Universal Office Automation.

“They are also useful training tools for us to educate ourselves internally. We are very much looking forward to the new application videos.”