To Change Time on all Partner System


Changing the time on a Partner system must be done from extension # 10.

1.- At station/ext. # 10, press feature, 0, 0
2.- Press the left intercom 2 times
3.- Enter # 103
4.- Enter the correct time in 24 hr. format, for example:
– to set the time for 09:00 A.M., enter 0900

    – to set the time for 04:45 P.M., enter 1645

      5.- Press feature, 0, 0

      Program From Extension 10.


      With Handset Down

      1.- Press Feature Button
      2.- Enter 00 (Zero Zero on The Dial)
      3.- Press Left Intercom Button Twice
      4.- Enter #103 (Number Sign 103)
      5.- Enter Time 24 Hour Format (HHMM Where HH= Hour & MM= Minute)
      6.- Press Feature Button
      7.- Enter 00 (Zero Zero On The Dial).
      To change all Merlin Legend / Merlin Magix system
      The time and date is a system feature rather than an individual telephone feature.
      To change the date in the Legend Magix system, from the System Programming console:
      1.- Press Menu
      2.- Press System Program.
      3.- Press Exit or Start.
      4.- Press System.
      5.- Press Date.
      6.- Enter date in following format: mmddyy (where MM is the month, DD is the day, and YY is the year).
      7.- Press Enter.
      8.- Press Exit or Back.
      9.- Press Home or Exit to exit programming mode.
      To change the time in the Legend Magix system, from the System Programming console:
      1.- Press Menu.
      2.- Press System Program.
      3.- Press Exit or Start
      4.- Press System.
      5.- Press Time.
      6.- Enter the time in military/24 hour format: HH:MM (where HH is the hour, 01-24, and MM is minutes, 00-60).
      7.- Press Enter.
      8.- Press Exit or Back.
      9.- Press Home or Exit to exit programming mode.

      Avaya IP Office 500 Time Change

      The Avaya Office 500 System automatically changes the time from the caller ID information. If the system is connected to a network it would get the time from the server.

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